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Two BDRC Members Compete at the BRC NAF Five Star Horse Trials Championships

Written by Sue Holloway - Chairlady

Vicky and Greta heading out to investigate the roads and tracks

Last weekend, Vicky Collett and Greta Sparey went to the Horse Trials Championships representing our Club.

They both did good dressage tests to leave them in the Top 10... The weather was awful (to say the very least!). I was there and they were very challenging conditions!

Both ladies battled on: Greta and Murph did their roads and tracks first plus XC - Greta had a great ride just picking up 20 on the XC and then did their SJ on Day 3 in very tricky conditions.

Mr Jasper was not so happy jumping in the mud but redeemed himself for Vicky by jumping a fabulous clear XC! Unfortunately due to conditions, they took the roads and tracks out which was a great shame as Vicky was looking forward to it.

We should be very proud of both riders, as they kept going and both completed whereas a number of combinations did not. Hopefully when they are both there next year the weather will be kind to everyone!


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