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Our Autumn/Winter Dressage League is underway!

If you'd like to compete with your pony (in the dry!) over the next few months and meet up with members while accruing points (which mean prizes!), don't miss joining our Autumn/Winter Dressage League!

How does it work?

We've teamed up with Kings Equestrian who'll be hosting specific classes during certain Dressage competitions in their upcoming calendar, which BDRC members can enter and gain points from if placed. These points will then be totted up at the end of the League next year...🏆

And, we're delighted to announce we have local businesses sponsoring our classes at each competition!

Here's Amy Ablitt riding Silver Vogue at our first League event on Sunday!

Results: BDRC Autumn/Winter Dressage League 1 on Sunday 13th November

What. A. Turnout!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us on Sunday and entered our Prelim and Novice classes... Well done to everyone, and we hope you loved your Gilberts Equestrian rosettes!

Please click here to view the results.

Upcoming event: BDRC Autumn/Winter Dressage League 2 on Saturday 3rd December

We're looking forward to returning to Kings at the beginning of December for our second League competition... The three following classes will be eligible:

  1. Intro C (2016)

  2. Prelim 14 (2006)

  3. Novice 24 (2010)

Please click here to enter on the Kings Equestrian website.

👉🏼 Would you like to get a little practise in beforehand?

Sue Holloway is running this Dressage Clinic at Kings on Tuesday 29th November!


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