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Kicking on at the Area 18 Horse Trials Qualifier at Offchurch Bury...

Updated: Jul 2

Written by Tracy Meeking - Area Team Manager

BDRC member with her horse

I think we can all agree that fun was had by all!

Mary Jones with Buttercup lady had a double clear and placed 6th in the 80. I managed just to see the XC finish and they were flying!

I was first to go with Simply Certain (Spot) in the 90... Sadly the dressage was a little tense in places, however he was a jumping machine and finished with a double clear and 5th.

Beth Blythe and Kilmoye Charmer had a great dressage but Lacey being in season became a little unruly and a few fences were taken out. She did redeem herself with a fab clear XC. Well done.

Charlotte Keyser with Smiley Bagel also had a great dressage but a couple down in the SJ. XC was going brilliantly until the open ditch (not Smiley's favourite) but well done for getting over it and home.

Elizabeth Wise with Dinozzo was our final competitor with a good dressage. They sadly had two down in the SJ but another fab clear XC (their second run of the season). Brilliant!

The show jumping was causing quite a few problems with less than half going clear in the section, so it was not as easy as it looked.

As a team, we finished 4th!

Finally we had two competitors in the 70: Alice Whiteman and Veronica Conod, who both thoroughly enjoyed themselves...

Alice had a good dressage too. They had a fence each in the SJ and a couple of stops XC finishing 11th and 12th. This was the first proper event for Vee having only completed one mini previously so very well done to both of you.

A really great day with our fabulous members supporting and cheering each other on - a lovely picnic too!

I almost forgot to mention Vicky Collett. A massive thank you for spending all day in a chair fence judging. We couldn't do it without you!!


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